Our Team

The Policy Brand Research team is comprised of research and policy professionals with expertise in qualitative research, survey design, statistical analysis, and policy development.

Research Team

Michael Gottlieb Elise Gurney
Michael Gottlieb Elise Gurney
President Director of Research
michael_gottlieb@policybrand.com elise_gurney@policybrand.com


Andy Dennis Katherine Westmoreland
Andy Dennis Katherine Westmoreland
Outreach Manager Manager of Quantitative Research
andy_dennis@policybrand.com katherine_westmoreland@policybrand.com


Abigail Kleva – abigail_kleva@policybrand.com
Amit Kumar
 – amit_kumar@policybrand.com
Ben DeVore – ben_devore@policybrand.com
Chris Farrow
 – chris_farrow@policybrand.com
Christian Garcia
 – christian_garcia@policybrand.com
Kerry Gibbons – kerry_gibbons@policybrand.com
Nate Jacobs – nate_jacobs@policybrand.com
Olivia Till – olivia_till@policybrand.com
Rich Hill
 – rich_hill@policybrand.com
Taryn Thiele-Sardina – tthiele_sardina@policybrand.com
Victoria Nolte – victoria_nolte@policybrand.com


Ava Hartmann – ava_hartmann@policybrand.com
Gabby Marzke – gabby_marzke@policybrand.com
Jacob Wellner – jacob_wellner@policybrand.com
Julia Kichorowsky – julia_kichorowsky@policybrand.com
Ronald Chan – ronald_chan@policybrand.com