What does participation entail?

We conduct research through two methods: an online survey, which takes about 10 minutes, and phone interviews, which take about 20 minutes. The phone interviews provide an opportunity to learn more about your specific challenges and to dive deeper into the questions explored in the survey. You can participate in one or both.

What will you be asking about?

We’re interested in understanding the roles that various players assume in policy conversations, and the ways that interactions between various players (particularly, those within and outside of government) can be more productive. We do deeper dives into specific issues and industries, as well.

Why should I participate?

Participants will receive a summary of our findings at the end of our research cycle. By sharing your insight, you’ll also be able to shape and improve communication and advocacy in your community.

Will this be confidential / off-the-record / anonymous?

Your participation will be strictly confidential, meaning that your name will never be disclosed or used in anything we produce. Note that we are an affiliate of National Journal, but have a strict firewall with the newsroom (none of our research is shared with the editorial team).

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to participate.

Our research complies with all ethics standards of federal and state governments. In addition, you’d be speaking in a personal capacity (not as a representative of your office or boss) and can participate on your own time.

Why did you reach out to me?

Policy Brand Research is targeting senior policymakers who focus on a number of different issue areas. We thought you’d be relevant based on your job title and experience.

What do you do with this research?

We use the information for a number of purposes: we share higher-level summaries with all research respondents, use it to inform a larger body of findings about the public policy process (including what’s shown on this website), and share selections of the research with organizations that we partner with.

If you’re interested in participating, please: